Our Facilities

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We have expertise in extracting valuable chemical compounds from a range of biorenewable sources, including food waste.  Our facilities have been set up to work predominantly at trial and laboratory scale, with a focus on the following extraction methods:

Using this capability, combined with our knowledge of changing legislation on solvent usage and ongoing research into green and cleaner solvents, including those obtainable from food waste, we are able help you determine the optimum methods for food waste extraction based on yield, selectivity, environmental impact and cost.

Through these methods, we have been able to extract a variety of compounds such as:

  • Limonene, pectin and flavonoids from citrus peels
  • Oils, caffeine and thiobromides from spent coffee grounds
  • Succinic acid from bakery waste
  • Whey protein from cheese production
  • Natural flavours, fragrances and dyes.


By running trial extractions we can identify what compounds are present in your waste and in what quantities, enabling initial commercial assessments to be made based on the potential value of the food waste. We can then help to scale up the project where appropriate, working in close partnership with our colleagues at the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC).

Access for visiting scientists and technologists

We warmly invite scientists and technologists with an interest in valorisation of food waste to come and work alongside us to benefit from the scientific and technical expertise of the Green Chemistry Centre’s staff and the specialised facilities we offer.

Within the newly constructed Industrial Engagement Facility (IEF) in the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence we have access to a wide range of the specialist techniques and equipment required to perform extractions and analysis on a comprehensive variety of waste foodstuffs. The IEF has been purpose designed to host visiting scientists and technologists, providing dedicated lab and desk space for the duration of projects and enabling visitors to closely work alongside Green Chemistry staff. It also houses a large engagement and networking area for events.

Trialling/Scale up of Novel Clean Chemical Technologies

We can explore opportunities to upscale novel technologies developed to valorise food waste at the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC). This is located adjacent to the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and houses 10L supercritical CO2 reactors, a 30kg/h continuous feed low-temperature microwave processing unit, fermentation tanks, macerators, shredders and pre-treatment technologies. 

Being able to demonstrate that technologies developed in the laboratory are scalable will provide you with the commercial insights to grow your business and obtain value from food waste.