Welcome to Waste Valor

The WasteValor project aims to create economic value from food waste by working with waste producers and companies who could potentially use materials extracted from the waste.

foodwasteWe offer both practical advice through short term projects and the possibility of competitive advantage through longer-term research activities, helping companies develop new products, services and income streams based on valorised food waste.

WasteValor draws on the expertise of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York. The Centre acts as an outsourced R&D department for participating companies, combining its expertise in chemistry, biology and industrial processes with its track record of working with businesses to help them create competitive advantage.

WasteValor is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. This enables us to offer two days of expert scientific consultancy at no cash cost to companies in two categories:

  • Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) who create or process food waste
    WasteValor identifies opportunities for these companies to turn their waste into a source of income and minimise the amount going to landfill.
  • SMEs who could use chemicals extracted from the food waste
    WasteValor works with these companies to assess opportunities to use materials extracted from food waste, which may be both financially and ethically advantageous to them, and advises on partnership opportunities with companies who generate waste.

WasteValor also offers longer term research support and assistance to help organisations of all sizes develop new products and services based on valorised food waste.

To qualify for the two days of consultancy, termed a ‘business assist’, organisations need to meet two criteria:

  • to be classed as an SME (micro, small or medium sized enterprise)
  • to be based in the Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire region, excluding South Yorkshire. See the searchable map for further details.

We can also offer further research support and assistance to other organisations, please contact us for more details.