York Cocoa House

chocolateYork Cocoa House is an award winning café, shop and chocolate business founded by chocolate lover Sophie Jewett. Sophie asked WasteValor to carry out desk research on possible uses for cocoa bean shells.

WasteValor researched a number of possible uses for the shells ranging from the practical and those for which there is an existing market, such as mulch for gardens, to the extraction of high value compounds for a range of applications.

Using the whole of the cocoa bean including the shell isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for the bottom line of the business as well.

"WasteValor was able to thoroughly research and outline the options open to us as we develop our business further into the supply chain. We now have a detailed appraisal of some of the key opportunities for us to explore and prioritise for short term gains while identifying greater gains to be made as we scale up our processes." - Sophie Jewett, Managing Director at York Cocoa House